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Burrally is just a gravel ride. Kind of an epic one, but a ride 😉
Inspired by the Torino Nice Rally, we want to share the beauty and singularity of our land riding Valencian Community from top to bottom with a single goal: enjoy cycling.

No matter how long it takes you to complete it. Just do it. There won’t be any prize waiting for anybody in the finish line because it’s not a race. Completing the route is a challenge itself 🙂

Roads and paths into deep Valencian Community are small and barely have traffic. It’s more likely to hear a boar than a car 😉

The route

Burrally 2018:


Burrally 2019 route will be published soon. Half of it will remain the same as last year. Some not-so-cool parts are being replaced to make it even cooler 😉


  • Obey rule #1​ and leave no trace.
  • Be self-sufficient in the randonneur, long distance cycling or touring style.
  • Don’t get mad with training, heart rate, watts or nutrition. If you’re offered pork-loaded local food, grab it! You won’t have many other chances to taste it.
  • Join other cyclists whenever possible for riding, eating or drinking.
  • Sleep outdoors whenever possible. It will be cold, but nothing a good sleeping bag can’t handle. Anyways, there are a lot of villages, hotels, shelters, and nice people you can ask to let you sleep on their backyards.
  • Freely ignore everything but rule #1.

When and where

Monday April 15th. 8AM. Port of Vinaroz.


Limited to 30 people.
Fee: 0€
To register, just fill this form. It won’t take longer than one minute 😉

Remember this is a small event with limited spots available. Registration will be strictly logged in chronological order as soon as I get them with all the needed information.

Please, do not send your information if you’re not 100% sure you can do it to Burrally. You might be leaving someone out of this fantastic ride! 😉


  1. Plane to Valencia.
  2. Subway from VLC Airport to the city.
  3. Local train from Valencia to Vinaroz.
  4. Local train from Xàtiva to Valencia.
  5. Subway from Valencia to VLC Airport.
  6. Plane home.



Burrally 2019 FB group


Further info

Use Google Translate to check the entire information on this website or tell me what you need to know.